South Park: The Fractured But Whole DELAYED until 2017!!?!?

According to the announcement, the development team “wants to make sure the game experience” will meet the “high expectations of fans.” -Ubisoft

For everyone who was wondering “When does South Park The Fractured But Whole come out?” It was supposed to come out on December 6th 2016.. What an early Christmas gift this would have been. Walking around with the South Park gang causing havoc to the streets of Colorado. But a recent announcement from Ubisoft states that this game is going to pushed back until Q1 of 2017 because they want to make sure that the game experience will meet the high expectations of fans.

south park the fractured but whole delayed

I think this is an awesome move from Ubi.. I mean the Stick of Truth completely shocked me with how well the game was put together. And I even beat the game in a day and a half like the fat, lazy piece of shit that I am. When you set the bar that high on the first of the series, you have to come out dick swinging on the second. Especially with new consoles coming out. You have to make sure people get their moneys worth. Would I want the game now, hell yea.. Am I going to wait, biting my nails until the new South Park is released in 2017? Fuck yea.


When more news is announced I will update you chooches. Until then. Get drunk, it’s Thirsty Thursday.


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