Lazy Sunday: Call of Duty League Picks Edition (14 Jan)

Hey guys, back with another day of Call of Duty League. Currently the Columbus studio is experiencing snow issues, and I’m not feeling the best so I didn’t record a video. I do have the picks though. After a small loss of a Saturday, we’re trying to win Sunday in a big way.

While we’re late on the Atlanta FaZe v Vegas Legion matchup, I wasn’t going to take that game anyway. FaZe is too inflated & I don’t see Legion keeping it close, so we’re skipping that. Our first match is the Minnesota Rokkr v Carolina Royal Ravens. Both teams are extremely mid(as the kids would say), but the new year has shown some rust on the teams entering their first match against a team who’s played one already, as we saw yesterday. I like the Rokkr to win map 1 hardpoint, just like they have most of the season. Next up the goliath Subliners take on LAT Jersey Co. It’s easy enough for almost even odds at -1.5 for Subliners to win the match either 3-1 or a 3-0. Rounding out the day is Boston Breach v Miami Heretics. Heretics started slow, but took the Surge to map 5 after being down 0-2. Breach I see as a lesser team. Miami looks to heat up after a cold start on the beach. Money line at plus odds for the Spaniards is a good look. I apologize again for no video, but it’s the same picks all the same.


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