‘Ted’ Is The Funniest Show On Television

A few weeks ago, I realized that the Ted movies were getting a prequel. The movies are pretty funny, and as far as Boston-derived media goes – it’s about as faithful to the area and it’s unique brand of humor as you could hope for.

Lo and behold, we’ve got a new Peacock series that serves as a prequel to the two movies. It picks up with a teenage John Bennett as a high school student in Framingham, Massachusetts – and it’s absolutely hysterical.

John, who is played by Mark Wahlberg in the movies, is portrayed by Max Burkholder. He’s in his first marquee role here, and is a great complement to Ted himself who is still played by Seth MacFarlane. Both are hilarious here, and the Boston accents throughout the show are obviously comical but pretty faithful too. Even though I’ve never met anyone from Framingham who had one as strong as anyone has in this series.

Another scene stealer is John’s father, Matty, played by Scott Grimes – another alumni from MacFarlane’s previous project, The Orville. Listen, I know this isn’t a movie and television blog, but we’ve done them before and you guys know where we’re from. Also I have no other ideas since it’s a slow news day. So hey, go fire up a free trial of Peacock or steal your neighbor’s if you don’t already have it – and go watch Ted. It’s a riot.

And yes, they do in fact do the “two guys in a trench coat” gag, and it’s glorious.

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