Twitch Streamer Quqco Suspended For Sexually Suggested Content

A Twitch streamer has been banned for wearing cosplay of Street Fighter‘s Chun-Li. She is one of several high profile Twitch streamers to receive a temporary ban from the platform for what she’s wearing and some are suggesting that Twitch may need to take another look at its moderation policies.


Twitch might be the most confusing platform that has ever existed, ever. I literally have no idea what’s right, and what’s wrong, and I think the whole streaming community feels the same. Guy or girl, there are people that stream on this platform that are just overall shitty people. And nothing happens. They can say every word and every slur in the book and there are little to no repercussions.

And then you have Quqco who is fully clothed, cosplaying Chun-Li, and she gets suspended for sexually suggested content. Quqco was showing a little thigh. Which for as far as I’m concerned is not sexual. So the virgins who are mass reporting woman streamers need to chill out, and get range banned from the platform. And maybe, just MAYBE, Twitch can actually review these allegations before suspending a streamer and potentially putting their career on the line.

There are girls on Twitch showing their vagina’s and dudes tossing racial slurs like the word “the”. And they still stream and have a jolly ol’ time. The inconsistency is bananas. There needs to be some sort of clarification on what’s allowed and what’s not. So maybe it’s time to look at your moderation policies again.

Also, Quqco… Sup?

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