Chance The Rapper Reports on League of Legends Tournament on SNL and It’s on Point

Chance The Rapper brought back Lazlo Holmes, a New York Knicks reporter who finds himself covering games that he has no idea about. Last time we saw Lazlo, it was in 2017 when he was trying to cover a hockey game.

Here’s the clip:

Saturday Night Live is always spot on with their skits and this one is no different. The skit starts off with Chance explaining what’s happening. “In a nut shell there are 10 nerdy dudes, sitting down at computers with headsets on. While 20k people scream like they’re watching the Beatles. I did not know this was a thing.” As someone who has been into this shit for a while, of course I understand the appeal of these tournaments. But you also have to put the shoe on the other foot and think of what the old folks are seeing. It’s the same reason why when you help your grandparents change the HDMI input, they think you’re the second coming of Christ. It’s just different times. This skit hit the nail on the head.

An awkward eSports interview, after a match, with a player that has the personality of a wet cardboard box, having chicks throw themselves at them. One of the two things I just wrote it accurate, i’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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