CS:GO Case Keys Are Being Used To Launder Money and Can No Longer Be Resold or Traded

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What ever happened to opening up a mattress shop, or a used car dealership to launder your money? Now people are using CS:GO keys to launder their illegal funds. This is wild, and border line impressive. Sometimes I think I’m the most creative person in the world, and then there’s times like this where I realize I’m not even close. If you’re a king pin, hit man, or any frowned upon entrepreneur, making dumb money and you have the genius idea to launder your money through Steam by buying and selling virtual keys, to open virtual cases, that unlock virtual skins/knives/gloves, that have a chance to be worth real coin.. You deserve to keep the money.

Back in my day people would just get a job at the local roast beef shop, buy a beat up Ford Taurus, and keep wads in their underwear drawer. I’m not condoning this, but if you’re going to walk on the sun, you might as well dance.

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