Hold Off On Your WoW Weekly: Loot For Timewalking Weekly Quest Is Bugged

tl;dr: WoW’s weekly Castle Nathria LFR loot quest is currently bugged and dropping lower than normal loot. Hold off for now until it is fixed.

Edit: Blizzard is aware of this but does not have an ETA on a fix.

Happy reset day, boys and girls! Feel free to start diving into your weekly Maw and Anima quests, but hold off when it comes to your Nathria loot quest.

In a blog from Wowhead and more than a few tweets, users are reporting that the loot dropping from Timewalking Dungeons (which need to be completed for this week’s big loot weekly quest) are bugged.

For scale here, the current Castle Nathria LFR item level is 187, so clearly this isn’t right and will most likely be fixed pretty quickly. You’ve got lots of other weekly stuff to do anyway, so just hold off for now unless you don’t care (for some reason) about the extra drops.

My expectation is that Blizzard will fix this in short order, so just be patient for now.

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