Video Game Usage Up 75 Percent Thanks to Coronavirus

Hollywood Reporter: According to Verizon, U.S. video game usage during peak hours has gone up 75 percent since the quarantine first went into effect last week. Meanwhile, video streaming has also increased by 12 percent. Overall web traffic is up nearly 20 percent, but social media usage was flat.


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When word hit the streets that we were going to have to practice “social distancing”, I knew I was ready. I’ve been practicing for this moment my whole life. Just trying to find a way to not have to deal with real life people. My go to, was always playing some good ol’ vidya games. Get in a party with the boys, echill, rip a couple matches, and maybe even crush a few beers as a treat.

Well, it looks like the rest of the world is turning to video games during this time indoors. Because realistically what else are you going to do? Read? Catch up on work? Spend time with your family? Give me a break, don’t be stupid. Press that power button, throw on your headset, and forget about that shower. The next 10 hours is about to be sickening.

And it isn’t strictly for groups of friends. If you’re a parent, spend this time to play some games with your kid(s). Have some laughs, humble them by destroying them in game, and at the end of the day see what their anger situation is really like.

While this is a shitty time around the world, it’s really shed some light on video games and esports and the joy that they genuinely bring people. Traditional news outlets are even putting on their best “how do you do fellow kids” personalities, and are attempting to talk about esports.

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And we have pro athletes and celebrities dialing up Twitch streams to chill out with their fans and teammates. The thing is, these athletes and celebs have always played video games, they just never really have time with their day to day workload. Video games are universal. It doesn’t matter your age, occupation, or whatever. People love video games, and it’s sad that it took a fucking pandemic for the rest of the world to realize that.

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