Looking For Group To Be Added to Overwatch

Jeff Kaplan took it to the mean streets of YouTube to announce new social features that’ll be released during Overwatch’s next big patch. You’ll be able to report players positively in the form of endorsements. The endorsements that are gonna be implemented are “Good Teammate, Sportsmanship and Shot-caller”. If you receive a good amount of high endorsements, you’ll get some cool shit. And if you receive “eh” endorsements, you’ll get just “eh” shit. But let’s get to the blog title…“looking for group”. This could be unreal… When I play Overwatch, I have my go-to’s, just like everyone else. But when I feel like having a little fun and run Zenyatta on these fools, and some dickhead scoops him/her/it up, I throw a pitty party. Same as when absolutely NO ONE wants to be a healer. This tool is going to allow players to set exactly what they want in a team. The group leader sets the parameters and the team is posted for others to join in these roles. If the group leader has two DPS, and a healer, they can send out a call to pick up 2 tanks and another healer. What’s worse than jumping into some competitive play and having a few nerds that aren’t using game chat? A lot of stuff, but it still sucks… UNTIL NOW. Your group leader can require whoever joins the team to use voice chat. Ohhhh yea. This could be dope.


Check out Jeff Kaplan’s video below:

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