Reports: Quantic Dream Working On Upcoming Star Wars Title

According to some rumors that have gained some serious steam in the last 24 hours, Quantic Dream’s next project could be a brand new Star Wars title.

In his blog for Dualshockers, Tom Henderson presented the following points to kickstart these rumors:

  • Quantic Dream’s three-game deal with Sony ran up in 2018, and they began searching for new partners shortly after
  • French YouTuber Gautoz reported on September 16 that Quantic Dream was in the process of signing with Disney
  • Tom says he has “overwhelming evidence” that a Star Wars game by Quantic Dream has been in the works for over a year
  • The official Quantic Dream Twitter handle liked a tweet regarding this rumor by thegamepost (the like has since been removed)

Kotaku added more solid ground beneath these rumors, adding that a separate source has confirmed to them that the game is real. Not only that, but their source also suggests this title could be a departure from Quantic Dream’s signature cinematic, quick-time-event style gameplay, and be more action-focused.

That’s a lot of rumors, folks. But what does it all mean?

We already know Lucasfilm Games has been working with a ton of different studios to get a number of Star Wars video game projects in the works, and Quantic Dream would certainly be the most unique of the bunch. I can’t say I’m a massive fan of QD’s previous titles, but they do have a dedicated cult following for their playable film/choose your own adventure-style experiences.

Regardless of how this turns out, or how solid these rumors actually are, I’ve always been of the mind that more Star Wars is better than less Star Wars. An ultra-cinematic, gorgeous Star Wars story told in the traditional Quantic Dream style could be phenomenal, especially when you think about the branching and intersecting stories that hold together games like Heavy Rain. A mature, cinematic, choose-your-own-adventure style Star Wars title that thrusts you into the never-ending conflict between the Dark side and the Light sounds like an absolute blast to me.

We’ll keep you posted as these rumors continue to take shape.

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