Blast Pro Series Lineup Announced

One of the several major CSGO platforms in the professional scene, Blast Pro Series has sent out their invitations for their league in 2020. For those whom are unaware, most Tournament platforms such as ESL, IEM, and so on invite the top ranked teams to their events, while other lower ranked teams have to battle through qualifiers to make it to the main stage. The Blast Pro Series, managed by RFRSH Entertainment operate differently, in which the only means of access to their events is invite only. This is in order to make sure they ALWAYS have the most competitive teams performing on their stages. Honestly, I get it. It ensures the most competitive teams for their viewers when the majority of professional Counter Strike is an open market with hundreds of organizations having rosters.

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The issue here for 2020 is that the second and third highest ranked teams were not invited to Blast Premiere this year. The two teams not invited were FNATIC and my personal favorites, Mousesports. As is the internet, there has been speculations going back and forth from major figures in the industry. Legends like Thorin explained this being due in part to FNATIC’s semi-known financial issues with others chiming in saying it may not be financially sound for Blast to bring in teams with little money in had. As of right now, there is no real answer as to why neither team was invited, but I am sure more information will come out sooner than later thanks to the constant twitter bickering. It’s sad to see two of my favorite teams to watch not being able to perform at the higher levels of newly exclusive Counter Strike. I will say it time and time again, but I am sick of seeing the Liquid vs Astralis matchup because if so rarely ends in Liquid’s favor. Give me FNATIC or Mousesports against them any day of the week.

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