Nickmercs’ Ultimate Gaming Studio Tour Makes Me Literally Hate My House

If you’ve seen the podcast, you know the vibes. My office is a goddamn mess. It either looks like the back room of a Crate & Barrel, a laundromat that’s 4 days behind, or a combination of the two.

Not all streaming spaces are created equal however. Just check out this new video from Nickmercs that walks through his new gaming studio:

Honest to goodness, I’m appreciative just to have a little private space in my apartment to stream the podcast. I like my office, but seeing this absolutely unreal new gaming space just makes me want to burn my office down.

Nickmercs, if you’re looking for like a housekeeper or someone to just keep the couch warm or cook or something, let me know. I make an unreal eggplant parm and my DMs are open.

Papa Dom

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