PC Gaming Show 2020: New Highlights

I just wanted to apologize for taking so long to get around to this, but a few emergencies came up, and I’ve been covering vacations for the hospital. I’m here now, and I just wanted to highlight some of the new games we saw from the PC Gaming Show. Dozens of games were shown off and a few of them stood out, including some we’ve seen glimpses of in the past.

The history of the PC Gaming Show | PC Gamer

Persona 4 Golden is considered by many to be the greatest game in the Person franchise, and we get the chance to finally play it on PC. As a die hard turn based RPG fan, and totally not an anime loving weeb about to get 2 anime tattoos, Persona has always been an interest of mine. Seeing it coming to PC for 20$ is a huge incentive for me to finally try the series out.

We have seen a fair amount of GodFall from previous showcases, but we got to see even more this time around. Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing are bringing their looter-shooter co-op formula to a melee focused front. Imagine WarFrame, Borderlands and DarkSiders had a threesome. GodFall would be their love child and I want to raise it.

Prodeus looks to be one of the most impressive borderline AAA “retro” FPS games coming out. The boot to the teeth gameplay of classic and modern Doom and mixing it with uprezzed retro graphics, Prodeus looks to join games like New Blood Interactive’s Dusk, in the high octane retro FPS genre.

Speaking of high octane FPS games, Metal Hellsinger might very well be the most unique game in the genre. Metal Hellsinger is a rhythm based FPS that plays like DOOM with the cadence matching of Thumper. Don’t sleep on this game, because I genuinely anticipate it to be a huge hit upon release.

My last highlight in a showcase full of great highlights is Mortal Shell. Mortal Shell looks to take on the SoulsSekiBorne genre with some interesting new mechanics. You follow the similar gameplay as most soulslikes, but have the ability to occupy shells each with unique fighting styles. This is easily being added to my list with the rest of my piling soulslikes that I still need to get around to. The PC Gaming Show this year gave us a great look at some upcoming releases, so let us know what you look forward to the most.

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