xQc Pisses Off Quite A Few People By Stream Sniping In GlitchCon Twitch Rivals Competition

GlitchCon’s Twitch Rivals competition, which featured teams led by Shroud, Tyler1, Dr. Lupo, and others – ended with quite a bit of drama.

The incident being discussed all over Twitter and Twitch right now stemmed from yesterday’s Fall Guys competition, in which Shroud and Dr. Lupo’s teams were tied for third place. During a tiebreaker game, Twitch streamer xQc queued into Fall Guys at the same time, was placed in the same game, and attempted to sabotage the outcome of the match by holding back members of their teams – which he was able to identify by watching them stream the competition.

xQc was already eliminated from the tournament, but grabbed Dr. Lupo’s character in the game in order to intentionally eliminate him. This didn’t end up changing the outcome of the competition (Pokimane’s “Team Tank” took home the prize, $11,000 in prize money for each member), but was still a pretty shitty thing to do.

Tyler1 and Shroud were obviously none too pleased about the ordeal, with Tyler offering his typical max-volume take on the situation, and Shroud stating that he had lost all respect for xQc.

xQc, meanwhile, offered the same half-hearted apology that we always get whenever a streamer fucks up and gets called out on it.

Aside from stream sniping being a very ban-able offense on Twitch, this was just an all around immature move that – even though wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the competition – was a fast track to burning bridges with a handful of the platform’s biggest creators.

What do you think of this situation? Should xQc be getting all of this flak, or should the other creators lighten up? Sound off in the comments or on Twitter at @WickedGoodGames.

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