Battle Royale Is Coming To Modern Warfare and is Shown in Modern Warfare Season 2 In Game Cinematic Cutscene

With season 2 of Modern Warfare dropping today, we hoped there be a little hint at the Battle Royale mode that we all knew was inevitably coming. Well at least I can speak for myself. I was chomping at the bit waiting for a whiff of a hint. Welp, after the in-game cinematic I’m pretty much confirming it.

Lets start from the top. After a few enemies are dropped we hear that “the gas is closing in” from one of the soldiers and that they have to move. Gas closing in, in a Battle Royale is what makes a BR, a BR. The battle field getting smaller and smaller to ramp up the combat. Usually in the form of taking damage if you are in the gas on the outside of the safe zone.

Now, let’s talk about the king, Ghost. Ghost is back, but we all knew that. It was the most anticipated change other than Rust coming back. Once he drops in, he radios Captain Price telling him that something is wrong. And that “they’re targeting their own.. Send fighters I can trust.” This is him hinting at everyone fighting everyone. And no one is safe. Also known as a Battle Royale. And “send fighters I can trust” is a nod to squad mode/duos/whatever number they decide to let you team up with.

This is when reinforcements jump in, out of a plane, in BR fashion.

And last but not least, a classified game mode on the main menu.

Battle Royale is coming soon my friends. I just hope it doesn’t flop like Black Ops 4’s did.

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