Sonic the Hedgehog’s New Look (And Trailer) Is Here

Just a few months back, the Internet basically exploded with outrage after the very first trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie dropped.

Long-rumored designs of everyone’s favorite way-past-cool hedgehog had already leaked, and the initial look at Sonic’s design confirmed everyone’s worst fears. Sonic was made to look too realistic and proportional, and the odd design choices had longtime series fans in an uproar, begging Paramount to fix it.

Well folks, this morning, Paramount Pictures has answered our prayers. Here’s your first look at the new Sonic the Hedgehog in “Trailer #2”.

I… I just… I love it.

It’s perfectly goofy, campy, cartoony, and just overall delightful. Sonic is cocky, fun-loving, and likes to get into some mischief. Jim Carrey’s Robotnik is out of his goddamn mind, and its just perfect. I cannot wait for this movie now, and I’m just overjoyed that Paramount and the team behind the CGI for this movie gave the people what they wanted. Now I just hope that everyone votes with their wallets and supports the movie that they begged so hard for Paramount to change.

Sonic the Hedgehog hits theaters on February 14th.

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