League of Legends Player Huni Signs Multi Million Dollar Contract Extension. And It’s A Bonehead Business Move

According to ESPN’s Jacob Wolf, League of Legends top laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon will continue to be on the Dignitas roster for a guaranteed, small sum, of $2.3 million over the next two years making him one of the highest paid players in LCS history.

Let me put this into perspective. A professional Call of Duty player makes a minimum of $50k a year and a lot of the players usually stay around that mark for a while. This is 4 times as much money in just a month.

Renegades CS:GO roster, was just bought by 100 Thieves and that transaction was rumored to be around $2.2 million dollars. Huni can go out tomorrow, lose all his fingers, and Dignitas will still owe him $2.3 million.

And i’m not saying Huni is some slouch. He’s won two domestic titles with Fnatic, and continued to compete while on Immortals and SK Telecom T1 before returning to the LCS in 2017. Nothing against him, because he just secured the bag. But I don’t see how Dignitas can see value you in this. Why didn’t they take that $2.3 million dollars and attempt to buy a CS:GO team to build the brand? Dignitas said they were returning to CS:GO in September and have yet to announce any update.

This doesn’t look like the most genius business move of all time, but shout out to Huni for getting paid. Flourish, king.

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