Modern Warfare Broken Hitbox Discovered. And It’s Kind of a Big, Big Deal

Modern Warfare has been getting ripped apart since launch with the issues with claymores, 725 shotgun being a sniper rifle pretty much, a giant peekers advantage, and whatever else people are getting worked up over. But now it seems that hitboxes are broken according to a video posted on Reddit. In the video you see the problem when shooting around a characters arms and the bullets just don’t register.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be able to put two and two together and realize that this is a big deal. What happens when you’re in the finals at the CDL, a tournament that cost your organization $25 MILLION dollars to be a part of. With boo koo bucks on the line, you find yourself in a 1v1. You make an insane play and when you go to unload a few shots on the enemy, the bullets don’t register, the enemy turns and kills you. And you’re the loser, your team hates you, you get dropped, and the owner of the team takes a shit on your front steps. You are a waste of space and just cost everyone a ton of money. You get addicted to drugs, and start smoking half smoked cigarettes off the ground and eating Dunkin Donuts munchkins out of the dumpster at 3 AM.

It’s all fun and games now because it hasn’t cost someone a paycheck, and it’s just another way for people to shit on the game. But this could definitely snowball into a big issue if it isn’t addressed. This should be a top priority.

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