Nadeshot Hit One Of The Most Absurd Warzone Clutches I’ve Ever Seen

Businessman at the core, but a savage on the sticks. Nadeshot might have just pulled off the best clutch that I’ve ever seen.

I love Warzone, but I’m kinda shit. I just wouldn’t be able to pull off something like this because i’d get 6 airstrikes dropped on me and/or run out of ammo/get run over by a truck.

This might be a better feeling than ejaculating. I legitimately think I would have ruined my boxers if I was in Nade’s position. The boys all watching, 6 people left, 2 teams. You lay the absolute smack down, and get into a self-res race for the win. The boys go wild as you get picked up in the helicopter and the credits roll.

The comms were on point, and everyone is proud of you. You couldn’t have asked for a better position, and the guy tossing C4’s at you feels like a loser, as he should.

Today, Matthew Haag – you are a hero and a legend.

Chris P.

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