FaZe Jarvis Made a Song About Being Banned From Fortnite and You Guessed it.. It’s Terrible

What the actual fuck. From crying on a YouTube video, to writing one of the hardest raps to ever hit YouTube. Balenciaga on my feet mixed with cranking 90’s. Who would have thought we’d ever see the day those two topics combine in a rap song? I genuinely can’t tell if this is just a joke or not. I just can’t click off of the video regardless. How are you gonna make a song and rap about being banned from a game? Let’s see a couple lines.

-“They asked me how I started. Fortnite how I came.”
-“LV sliders on my feet, Gucci flip flops no sneak. Still clap bots no cheat”
-“We was playing Fort, but it ain’t no game. Hard work and dedication, snipe kids all day”
-“Made a video using aimbot, now they wanna ban me for life. I don’t hate Fortnite no I ain’t dissin. Still use Fortnite slang, i’m trippin.

Fucking BARS.

Fortnite please just unban this kid. I don’t know how many more of these I can listen to.

Chris P.

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