TINFOIL HAT BLOG: We’re Getting A Spiritual Successor To Dead Space At Sony’s PS5 Reveal

Before you @ me right after reading the title and say “Dom, EA closed Visceral Games, how is this even possible, they probably still own the license”, just be quiet for a second and listen.

Antony Johnston, writer of the original Dead Space, tweeted this (just yesterday) hinting that a new game will be announced during Sony’s PS5 showcase:

But what does it all mean? Listen closer, my friends. Streamer CohhCarnage also hit us with this earlier this morning, does he know something we don’t?

Antony Johnston goes on to say that “you play a character having a really bad time”, and I can’t think of a character who has much worse of a time than Issac Clarke in the original Dead Space.

Listen, I’ve spent 184 weeks yelling about video games on the internet with Dr. Bob, so you can safely assume that some of his clairvoyant abilities have rubbed off on me. Furthermore, we’ve talked about Dead Space at length on the show, and have predicted a comeback of the beloved action-horror franchise in one form or another already. You mean to tell me with Medium, Scorn, Silent Hill, and lots of other triple-A caliber horror titles already being teased for next-gen, it doesn’t make total sense to bring Issac Clarke (or a vaguely similar looking space miner) back into the fold? Exactly. So put on your tinfoil hats, kids – and hear me when I say this:

We’re getting a spiritual successor to Dead Space tomorrow.

Alright friends, tinfoil hats can be safely removed. See you tomorrow for my “I told you so” blog.

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