With a Simple “Fasho Champ” 21 Savage Backs Twitch Streamers

With all Twitch streamers feeling the heat from the DMCA bullshit going on, there was only one thing to do. Get the rights to the music you want to play. Back in the day, this would have been difficult. A few calls to record labels just to have to cough up some money and sift through legal jargon. But not in 2020 baby, all you have to do is tweet. And that’s exactly what Trainwreckstv did.

It’s actually beneficial to the artist to have their music played. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve learned about bangers just by hanging and watching someones stream. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have heard it. It isn’t hurting anyone, and the streamer isn’t passing it off as their own. Chill the fuck out.

21 21 21. Wild to see these worlds colliding, but I’m here for it.

Chris P.

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