GameStop Is Closing All Stores to Customers And Is Shifting To Curbside Pickup and Digital Orders

Never in a million years would I think i’d be doing so much coverage on fucking GAMESTOP.

After getting torched online for the past few days, GameStop is officially closing all stores to customers and is instead, going to only be doing curbside pickup, and digital orders. This is effective tomorrow, March 22.

via GameStop

In the news release, we also see that employees are going to get paid for two weeks for their lost hours.

via GameStop

It looks like the torching is on halt for the time being. There’s not much else to say really. And I’m not gonna ramble on with how I feel about the whole situation because it’s pretty obvious how I feel about it by now.

Better late than never. Good work Reggie. I know it was you. You saint. You’re too humble to take credit, but we know it was you, you beautiful man.

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