Did Warzone Duos, Squads, And Private Matches Just Leak?

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The Call of Duty leaks and rumors continue during this quarantine. And to be honest, I hope to God this one is true. Even more than the others. We really need duos and squads in Warzone. I’m losing my fucking mind over here. I can’t solve this Rubik’s Cube, I haven’t showered in days, and I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every porno and YouTube video that was ever made.

Warzone sucks without a full squad, and being the forth guy online is the worst. Especially if you stink. Because your inevitably getting subbed out, or told the infamous “my bad bro, we have a full squad, I’ll let you know when someone leaves” and no one ever does, or they get offline. And duo queuing playing against teams of three is not the easiest thing in the world.

We got our first Warzone update on 3/17 – which in 3 days, is exactly a week ago. Rumor has it that an update is scheduled for 3/24 – so maybe this is it.

With the player base skyrocketing with no sign of slowing down, this is the time to drop it. The people have been begging for it during this global pandemic. We can’t leave the house Activision. The free pizzas yesterday, duos and squads added Tuesday, what a praise week it’ll be for Call of Duty.

Think of the PR.

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