Call of Duty Warzone Is Delivering Free Pizzas Today

Call of Duty Warzone is supporting social distancing by picking some players to have deliver free pizza to, so they can chill out at home and rip some Warzone and enjoy a hot pie. The pizza shows up to your door in a branded box.

Picture this. It’s a Friday, and you are not leaving your house because you’re smart. And you realize that this pandemic is really fucking serious. In between games, you pop open Twitter to see that the game you’re playing is delivering free pizza. You throw your hat in the ring, maybe they’ll pick you. And before you know it, a pizza is at your door step. You go out, grab the pie, and the hero disguised as a delivery man, is nowhere to be found. A gift from the gods. You look up to the sky, give a chuckle, and tip toe back into the house. You sit back down, take a bite, and it’s a great slice. Mainly because it’s free. Because we know anything that’s free is better. You wipe the grease off of your hands, and toss them back on the controller. Now, it’s time to drop into Warzone and get your wig popped off by a guy that’s been sitting on a roof with a heartbeat sensor for 25 minutes. You can’t even be frustrated because the game just hand delivered a hot za to your stoop. You giggle, go to the Gulag, get your dick pushed in, and queue back up to play again.

Really fucking cool man. If you get that free pizza.. today, you are the real winner.

Edit: Of course as soon as I post it, it looks like they ran out

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