What Is The Official Drink of Summer 2021? (A WGG Investigative Report)

I’m sitting here in Chris P.’s house, AKA the official Not Another Gaming Podcast studio, AKA Wicked Good Gaming Global HQ, and it’s like 93 degrees outside. I’m sweltering here, keeping myself cool with a couple of cold beers, and it’s got me thinking…

What is going to be the official drink of this summer?

Let’s look at the vitals here. We’re just now exiting a global pandemic. Here in our neck of the woods, everything’s opening up and getting back to normal this Saturday. On top of it being Memorial Day (widely considered to be the beginning of summer), most of us haven’t been able to go outside or do anything as we normally would since the summer of 2019.

Let that sink in. Better yet, go ahead and let yourself get fired up. Let me help set the stage for you.

Miserable? Kinda. Do I miss it? Absolutely. I cannot WAIT to wait in line at a bar. I am ITCHING to lose my debit card at a bar. I am absolutely JONESING to battle for a bartender’s attention while I’m getting cross checked by two frat bros looking to close out their tab. Don’t even get me started on the sensation of feeling my sneakers stick to a dance floor, because I may just burst into tears of joy.

So lets get right into the meat and potatoes here – what is the official beer of the summer? What will be fueling the glorious return of our summer suckdowns? Crack open a cold one and lets dive in.

The Reigning Champion: Light Beers

The tried and true. The go-to. The one you’ll always come back to. You may think you’re too good for them, you may think you’re gonna go for an IPA and mature up your palate a bit, but who’s always gonna be there for you when its almost last call and you’re almost positive any charge over $5 is gonna overdraft your debit card? A Coors, Bud, and/or Miller Lite – that’s who.

If you’re too good for a light beer in the summer time, you’re too good for me. Plain and simple.

The Young Up-And-Comer: Hard Waters

Interesting stuff here. Hard waters? Alternative malt beverages that may not even be carbonated? This could provide a nice refreshing change of pace for the folks looking for something not as bubbly… But I’m gonna need to see more out of this young buck before I consider them a contender in what could very well be one of the best summers of our lives.

The Cocky Contender: Seltzers

Seltzers have been on a run. Not gonna lie. They have every right to brag and every right to come for the throne this summer. There’s like 6,000,000 different kinds of seltzers now, all of various flavors, types, varieties, strengths, you name it.

These 8% seltzers are basically the new Four Lokos the way they’re hitting. I’ve yet to have a seltzer on draft, but I’m willing to accept a handful out by the grill our out on the water. If I’m in a bar though, there’s no shot it’s dethroning the grand champ.

The No-Nonsense Veteran: Summer Cocktails

Here’s the deal, you’re on a rooftop somewhere, maybe its a bar, maybe it’s a friend’s house. Maybe that friend or that bar have some cocktail specials that wet the whistle just a little better than a beer or a seltzer would. I’m good for like a cocktail or 3 every time I go out, and usually it’s an Old Fashioned – but I can’t see myself drinking those outside in the summertime.

I see the summer cocktail as a necessary sidekick to the legendary summer beers this season. Can’t live with em, can’t live without em. Now fire me up a Frosé and keep that tab the fuck open.

So there you have it folks. Usually with these blogs I determine a clear winner for myself, but instead this time I’ve established very clear roles for each of these worthy contenders. Why? Because this is the summer we’ve all been waiting for, and everybody deserves a chance to shine.

I know my preferences, you know yours, now lets open up a tab, get ready to tip the shit out of your bartenders, and go have the best summer of our lives.

Papa Dom

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