Eight-Year Old Boy Sells His Pokémon TCG Collection To Save His Puppy, Then Receives An Awesome Surprise

A few weeks ago, a GoFundMe picked up steam regarding an eight-year-old boy named Bryson, and his sick puppy – Bruce.

Bruce had contracted canine parvovirus, which is a nasty infection that can often be fatal in very young dogs, so Bryson decided to sell his Pokémon cards on his front yard to raise the $700 needed for his treatment.

Bryson’s mom, in the meantime, opened up a GoFundMe which absolutely took off when the internet caught wind of the story. Even the official GoFundMe account has been posting updates about it.

Pokémon is all about the companionship between humans and the creatures they bond with, and clearly those lessons have rubbed off on Bryson. It’s incredible to see a kid this young going out of his way to perform an act this selfless, especially when it can feel at times like we’re live through one of the most self-centered eras in history.

Parvo is really nasty stuff. Before we got Miller (who is my dog, in case you somehow didn’t know that), a previous puppy we were trying to rescue (as well as several others) contracted the infection while in the shelter and ended up passing away from it. It moves quick and can be incredibly dangerous if it isn’t treated. Bryson swinging into action immediately is proof that dogs are indeed man’s best friend.

The Pokémon Company themselves even heard of the story, and they sent him a note (along with an undisclosed amount of Pokémon cards to restore his collection), which read: “Hi Bryson, we were very inspired by your story about the sale of your cards for the recovery of your dog. Here are some that will help you replace the ones you had to sell.” Love to see this.

Bryson ended up raising more than $5,000, and donated the remainder to helping other sick animals in need of treatment. If you’d like to send him some Pokémon cards as well, his mother has set up a PO Box for him. The address is PO Box 2191 Lebanon Virginia 24266.

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