RLCS X Fall Regional Major (NA) Post Game Pit Stop

The other week we witnessed North America’s finest Rocket League players go head-to-head for the title of NA’s Fall Major Champion. The top eight teams of the past Fall Split were locked in and ready to rev their engines. The top four teams coming out of this split were NRG, G2 Esports, Spacestation Gaming, and Team Envy. The bottom four being Alpine Esports, KC Pioneers, Rogue, and The Peeps.


KC Pioneers and Spacestation Gaming kicked us off with Quarterfinal Game 1 in an awesome first match display. A white knuckle finish, tied 2-2, the clock strikes zero and the ball remains in play for another fifteen seconds before Arsenal delivers the final blow! Riding their high, SSG would go on to sweep KC Pioneers with a solid 3-0 series, earning them a spot in the Semifinals to come.

Another crowd favorite, G2 Esports, came out swinging against Rogue in the second Quarterfinal matchup of the series. Seeming to easily wear down an already sluggish Rogue, G2 advanced after a clean 3-0 sweep.

Alpine Esports has a career record of 0-3 against Team Envy, who came into this Major leading the North America pack in points. An upset here would be fun to see, but very unlikely. Team Envy comes away with a clean win in Game 1 thanks to a huge defensive effort by Percy. Alpine Esports would go on to lose Game 2 but successfully stop Envy’s sweep by picking up the Game 3 win 4-1. Alpine was looking like they might be heating up as Game 4 went to a 2-2 Overtime. But Envy made sure to remain undefeated against the underdog as they moved on to the Semifinals.

Final game of Quarterfinals, The Peeps vs NRG. It was an easy call for who takes the cake on this one. Especially after NRG absolutely SKUNKED The Peeps in Game 2 with a shutout of 8-0 and jstn ending the game with a Double Hat Trick.

The underdogs rallied in Game 3 holding out to a 1-1 Overtime and taking the win. Clearly feeling amped after stopping the sweep, The Peeps once again hold NRG to a 1-1 Overtime. Buttholes clenched, the six players battled back and forth for an extra ninety seconds before an infield pass from Squishy to jstn sent The Peeps packin’.


Here we go! G2 Esports vs Spacestation Gaming, Game 1 of The Semifinals. Now we get to see the powerhouse plays, and what a play to start with as Retals lets G2 know that he’s here to tussle.

Game 4 comes around and Chicago hasn’t forgotten about the disrespect he received in Game 1. So he decides to let Spacestation Gaming know with an aggressive play of his own. This results in a 2-2 Overtime, which leads to a G2 victory, tying up the series 2-2.

Feeling hot, G2 takes Game 5, but unfortunately the crowd favorite couldn’t seal the deal in Game 6. Once again, Spacestation Gaming proves that they are here to win by taking Game 7, 2-0, and moving on to the Grand Finals.

Semifinals Game 2, NRG vs Team Envy. This was a solid series but nothing too exciting. Team Envy proved in this game that they could potentially hold their own against their powerhouse opponent.

But NRG, firing on all cylinders, put Team Envy’s dreams to bed after winning three games back to back to back, and moving on to the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals!

Finally, it’s time! The NA RLCS X Fall Major Grand Finals! NRG vs Spacestation Gaming! The all around favorite pick here is NRG. But predictions started to get a little shaky after SSG took Game 1 with a two point lead.

Game 1 loss, no big deal for NRG, just pick up the momentum in Game 2. Right? . .

I don’t know whether that absolutely crushes your spirits or gets you so fired up that you now HAVE to win. At the very least, NRG wasn’t going to let SSG come away with a sweep. As they held to a 0-0 Overtime, NRG caught a “W” in Game 3.

As hard as they fought, NRG, at the end of the day, had to accept their defeat, and show respect to the new NA Champions: Spacestation Gaming.

Congrats to Spacestation Gaming, this is their first time winning a Regional Major Final. We’ll have to see if they have what it takes to be International Champions.

Currently SSG leads in points in the RLCS X. Followed closely by NRG and Team Envy.

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