Warcraft KILLING it in China

Legendary Pictures’ Warcraft cost an estimated $126 million to produce. Which seems like a fat chunk of change but still falls short to Avatar which cost about 200-300 million. When Warcraft came out just about two weeks ago, the movie opened with a shitty 24 million. What a flop huh? 126 mil to make and you can only pull 24? *eye roll*.


Napoleon Dynamite made $46 mil





Warcraft made $156 million it’s first 5 days in China. Absolutely bending the box office over a table. This allowed them to beat out last year’s Furious 7 and become the foreign movie with the biggest gross.


“To put that in the context of last year’s undisputed global hit: in China, Warcraft made more in five days than Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens did in its entire theatrical run ($124 million).”

Holy tits huh.. Warcraft FTW.

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