“Bully” Was Too Underrated

YO! Remember this game?! So sick. What a story line too. Jimmy Hopkins, a troubled kid,  gets dropped off at boarding school and absolutely fucks shit up. You go to class, learn some shit, sucker punch a few jocks, squeeze some ass. What a life.

Most of the joking aside, this game is one of my favorite games of all time. I actually found myself on a hunt for this game a few months ago just so I could beat it again. Rockstar Games did an excellent job on this game and it kind of pisses me off that no one even talks about it.

You have to work your way around campus, try not to skip class, not fight, help the geeks. And then the gates open up and you can enjoy the whole city. Boxing, the carnival, the movies, skateboarding. This game is Grand Theft Auto. Minus the guns and strippers. But you do have a slingshot, a mean right hook and school faculty always breathing down your neck. Which makes shit fun. Because this came out when I was in middle school, I could relate to it. But I will never be as cool as Jimmy James Hopkins.


The carnival… OH FUCK. This is where boys became men. This is where Jimmy brought his dates, shmooz’d them over by playing a few carnival games, gave them a teddy bear, and tongued them down on the Ferris-wheel.


In closing. Go dust off the old PS2, find this game on Craigslist, and enjoy one of the best games of all time.


“Bully- Best Game of All Time.” Write it on my grave.



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