Former Team Liquid Dota 2 Team Announce New Org Named “Nigma”

Yes you read that correctly. Former Team Liquid Dota 2 team, lead by Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi, have announced their own organization – named Nigma. Yes, it’s alternative spelling for enigma, and it’s opening the flood gates for a very wholesome Twitch chat, and slim picking for meme creation.

I’m not a professional at this, but something tells me that there should have been a little bit more thought when it came to picking this org name. Their announcement post on Twitter has only been up for 4 hours, so someone would think – maybe it’s not too late to do some quick rebranding. Like, you know.. maybe put an E in front? Or maybe, not name the organization Nigma? Crazy ideas I’m throwing out there I know.. But, nope. Since the announcement video went live, my fellow hoodlums of Twitter have been going nuts. So, what did Nigma do? They doubled down with this statement.

Honestly, I respect it. Yes, we see you guys ripping apart our name, but all speed ahead. Let’s acquire this bread.

And please believe that I’m not taking away from the fact that this roster is the real deal. I just can’t look away from the name.

Nigma balls. Sorry I had to.

Nigma Roster

  • Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barkawi
  • Aliwi ‘w33’ Omar
  • Ivan ‘MinD_ContRoL’ Ivanov
  • Maroun ‘GH’ Merhej
  • Kuro ‘KuroKy’ Salehi Takhasom

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