Holiday Hacks: All It Takes To Get A PS5 Is Camping Outside A GameStop In A Full Bed For 24+ Hours

Every year around the holidays, the human race showcases new, exciting ways in which literally none of us are remotely okay.

In this radiant example of prioritization and commitment, a handful of bright young scholars were spotted camping outside a GameStop – with a full fucking bedspread and mattress – while waiting for a PS5. When did the wait begin? Oh, y’know, just around 6am on Thanksgiving Day, a full 28-ish hours prior to the GameStop location’s Black Friday open time (assuming they opened at 10 am).

And they say this generation has no ambition. The only thing that would’ve made these setups more complete would be a couple of monitors hooked up to outdoor plaza outlets so they could game while they waited. I absolutely won’t knock this commitment though.

I am proud to report that these holiday crusaders got what they wanted though, the same reporter (who was off work when he spotted these guys) later tweeted that they got their PS5s.

Miracle on 34th Street has nothing on this. Truly the feel good story of the holiday season. The Greatest Generation officially has been put on notice.

Papa Dom

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