Nintendo Switch (AKA Nintendo NX) Preview Trailer Is Here!

Nintendo has officially done it. Revealed today was a beautiful, seamless-looking, and dare I say it – sexy as hell – hybrid console/handheld. You can read my thoughts and a little breakdown of the preview after the jump, but without further ado, I give you the Nintendo Switch:

Well that was certainly something, wasn’t it? I fucking handspring like Shawn Michaels off the canvas when my alarm went off this morning to watch this trailer. I poured myself a fat bowl of Frankenberry (its the most wonderful time of the year) and got to stalking Nintendo’s social media outlets. As promised, at 10AM, we got this beauty of a preview.

Nintendo’s known for shaking shit up. We all knew that whatever this new console was, it wasn’t going to be your ordinary box with four face buttons, control sticks, and Blu-Ray compatibility – we knew it was going to be something that challenged the norms of the gaming world (just like it always is) and that is exactly what we got with the Nintendo Switch.


If these designs stay true (and I don’t see why they wouldn’t), then the Nintendo Switch overall is a pretty tiny console. You’ve got your base station, the center display, and two side control sticks that appear removable for 2-player on-the-go play – which I find to be awesome. It looks like Nintendo is continuing the philosophy with the original Wiimote in that you don’t have to buy every single accessory to play multiplayer, which I really like. There was also a Classic-Controller-esque accessory pictured.


There are a ton of great examples in this trailer that should get us excited to play with Nintendo Switch. Offline, split-screen multiplayer? Yep. The promise of AAA third-party titles (hi, Skyrim)? Yep. A sleek, portable handheld? Absolutely. We’re stoked over here, and you should be too.

Nintendo Switch is coming March 2017, which is a lot sooner than I think a lot of us expected. What are your thoughts so far? Let us know on Twitter at @WickedGoodGames.

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