WGG Does Worlds and It Was Just Ok

Just a heads up everyone, this isn’t an in depth article about League’s Quarterfinals for Worlds.  Lets get serious for one fucking second here, I am the only person who actually gives a shit about League on this site so instead of focusing on the competition itself, I want to focus on the group of Podcasters I got to spend the weekend with during it.   Here’s my recap of the Worlds Weekend with the Just Ok Gamers Podcast.  So I finally had the opportunity to meet up with a group of my favorite podcasters that I have been listening and following for about 2 years now.  Thankfully, due to their infinite amount of Youtube money, they have, they were able to get me into Worlds, with only a minimal amount of dry handjobs.

The Just Ok lineup this weekend included Gweedo, Nasty, Milpool + His girlfriend Jen, Wally, and Cait, with the crew, a few friends of the podcast, Elder Tree and JayReid also took the trip to Chicago.  Thursday they all went to record for All Chat at Millennium Park while I slaved away at clinic all day, and I decided to drink alone as per usual and watch Cloud 9 get their shit pushed in by Samsung Galaxy.  Sorry NA fans but we can’t pussyfoot around that matchup, C9 got smoked.  Fast forward to 4Pm Friday where I finally meet up with the squad at Hub 51, which is a restaurant far too fancy for the likes of me.  I was in culture shock when I realized there were no Coors or PBR on the beer menu but I survived.  We all got dinner, yucked it up, shit on each other, talked internet shop, and actually got to know everyone, more than an audio recording or Youtube video could give off.  Not for nothing but these guys are just fun people to hang out with.  You can tell their podcast isn’t played up and is genuine because it’s just the type of hilarious people they are and how they act away from a mic.  After dinner we went to the Chicago Theater to watch a slightly more entertaining series where SKT T1 took out RNG.  We then proceeded to obtain more alcohol, went back to their hotel and just hung out drinking all night.  I had the chance to meet Riot Dash when he came by to hang out with everyone and he is a super down to earth dude who is clearly very good at what he does so SHOUTOUT @RiotDash.


Slept off the hangover and met back up with Nasty and Jayreid to pregame with some PBRs and went to watch the highly anticipated Rox Tigers v. Edward Gaming event.  Just like we all predicted, Rox stomped all over EDG’s hopes and dreams.  Nasty and I actually talked about how we figured Rox would win this one on his vlog so keep an eye out for that to be dropped sometime soon.  Went back to the hotel, continued to booze and the Just Ok Gamers decided it was time to pop my Japanese BBQ cherry and it was earth shattering.  We took a few WGGxJust OK pictures as internet proof, said our goodbyes, and I returned home and had to contemplate a proper way to show the appreciation they deserve, after having such an awesome weekend with them.

img_4593 img_4594

Do yourselves a favor and check out the Just OK Gamers Podcast on iTunes or at their website and make sure to show them some love in their reviews because these dudes work their asses off to make us laugh.  Follow them on Twitter @justokgamers or on Facebook  They have one of the most active Discord channels so join that and make sure to help them out on Patreon .  I have personally seen Gweedo’s treasure chest of Youtube Gold Doubloons and for some reason he takes it everywhere with him and is labeled “Gweedo’s Youtube Gold”. Just make sure to help out in any way you can.  Stay tuned for their upcoming All Chat video and Nasty’s vlog that I may appear in once or twice.  So thanks guys for the great weekend, I will be sure to stay in contact and hopefully we can do some work together again in the near future, because you’re all a bunch of great dudes and are a huge influence for me when it comes to Wicked Good Gaming.





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