That’s How You Fuck Fans Showtime

Showtime, why you gotta do me like that?

Dom, Chris, and I came to the agreement we would try to leave commentary and articles on TV series off the site for a little because I would be a little too focused on that, but I got a fucking bone to pick with Showtime and some decision-making on their part.

Penny Dreadful WAS a sci-fi, supernatural, monster-drama series based in 19th Century London revolving around a group of core main characters defending the Mother of Evil, Vanessa Ives from the darkness trying to ensnare her. I have been watching Supernatural since its debut fuckin 12 odd years ago and every show of the sort so that could give you a little bit of my background and love for series like these. This show skyrocketed into my top 10 series of all time with its great story, amazing cast, and the uncommon connections they all had with each other revolving around a constantly flowing plot. The show ran for 3 seasons and the two hour season 3 finale was slatted to reunite the cast once again back in London after tying up their separate story arcs, which would leave much anticipation for fans to see what came next in season 4….but wait the producers along with Showtime decided to can any ideas for a 4th season and cram everything they could into the last episode ending the series completely. Here are all of my rage inducing reasons why I feel personally wronged and violated by this underhanded fan fucking decision.


In the “culmination” of the series, each character got the smallest closure to their stories, if any closure at all. Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with it being one of my all time favorite books. This series had The best depiction of Doctor Victor Frankenstein and easily the greatest version of his monster I have ever seen. His monster is the perfect equation of dark, morose, and beautifully poetic and his story arc comes to fruition towards the end of this season, but is left virtually untouched in the end. Victor himself is left unloved while other cast members ended the same. Speaking of characters…how the fuck do you take an long lost actor like John Hartnett, give him an engaging character with an engrossing story line and just fucking throw it all away? The guy has been practically MIA since The Faculty and we get to see him back on a screen in this fashion and you just fucking put a big old X right through him.

We got introduced to a handful of new characters this season who got absolutely no justice with such an abrupt end. Vanessa’s weirdly telepathic shrink was making some real connections with her and some of the other characters… though none of that was seen to an end. The smoking hot natural red head…(because we all know those flaming bright fake red heads are demon succubus’)… who can apparently fucking kill anything in her path with anything in hands got no backstory and we only got to see her kick ass for like 3 episodes. Frankenstein’s Monsters’ family was short lived and sadly pathetic. Dracula just kind of walked away after all the bullshit that went down with him. We never got to see Dorian’s true demon form. Mr. Lye left for Egypt which everyone thought would lead to the return of a Mummy. Last but certainly not least, my second and what should have been third most hyped characters also just walked away. I am of course talking about Dr. Jekyll and…well I can’t say Mr. Hyde because we never actually get to fucking see him. Holy fucking shit, how can you introduce a Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde character and fucking leave out the most interesting half entirely? Honestly…Mr. Fucking Hyde was never seen on or off screen once.


Holy shit dude. I was such a die hard Penny Dreadful fan and they absolutely ruined the out of left field ending to such a beautifully captivating series. I don’t know if it is even possible at this point, but please Netflix, Hulu, anyone really, pick this series back up with the same cast and Frankenstein that shit back to life to the fans who were left hanging. Showtime should have just taken me to the middle of the Boston Commons, pants me in front of a crowd of hundreds and shamed me down Tremont Street because that is how violated I feel right now. Shame on you Showtime. Shame on you John Logan. Shame on you David Levins.

Would you mind loaning me some of your lipstick Showtime?


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