Sleep Specialist Weighs the Negative Effects of Playing Pokemon Sleep

Do you ever wonder if sleeping apps like Pokemon Sleep actually help you? In a survey published in 2023, a third of Americans downloaded sleep-tracking apps on their phones. More than two-thirds of Americans with sleeping apps from that sample said that they’ve changed their sleeping habits based on the app. 

In a recent report by, Dr. Daniel Gartenberg, PhD weighed the effects of playing Pokemon Sleep. Dr. Gartenburg mentions the cons of how sleeping apps like Pokemon Sleep work. Although SelectButton, the developer behind the game innovates creative ways to help players improve their sleep, it can be a disturbance to have a phone so close during your rest.

Dr. Gartenburg goes on to say that having your phone in your bed can cause your mind to associate your bed with your device. This can activate a player’s brain and cause an increase in stress. 

Gartenburg mentions the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) that phones emit which could cause a concern. Although the effects of EMF fields are not widely studied, it’s generally a good idea to not have them near your head. 

Pokemon Sleep Can Be Good For Those Seeking To Develop Better Sleep Habits

Even though there can be some negative mental effects to using sleep-tracking apps, it can be beneficial as well. Dr. Gartenburg recognizes that the game can improve a player’s sleeping habits, but it depends on the user. Players using the app to help guide their sleep into a more healthy habit will find the most benefit to playing Pokemon Sleep. The gamification of sleep is a fun concept that not many people have explored before. 

I’ve had a blast playing Pokemon Sleep occasionally, and have found it to help me keep to a consistent sleep schedule. Regardless of how you see the game, it’s a fun app and I’d recommend it to sleepy Pokemon fans everywhere. Just be careful that it’s not affecting you negatively. 
Pokemon Sleep has a Good Sleep Day event starting tomorrow, April 23rd. You can read more about it in my article over at Game Rant!


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