Cult of the Lamb Is Getting a Faithfully Demonic DLC

Cult of the Lamb, has easily been one of my most favorite games released in the past year. Now, it’s receiving its first major DLC update, Relics of the Old Faith. I got the chance to play a hands-on demo at PAX East with Devolver Digital guiding me at the helm. 

Relics of the Old Faith Gives Cult of the Lamb a New Coat of Paint

Our lucky lamb of all things ancient and powerful returns in a brutal, refreshing, and unholy expansion. With it comes many new features and tweaks to make Cult of the Lamb feel sanctimonious. Along with the features are new decorations, buildings, tarot cards, and more to collect!

Slay the Non-believers With New Ways of Combat

Firstly, there are new equippable items known as relics, each with its own unique power. My favorite in the demo is a giant dice! When fully charged, you can roll the dice to have a chance at gaining health. Secondly, there are new revamped bosses with harder fights and a supercharge of unholy power. I was able to get to the boss in the demo twice. However, I was ultimately slain by its onslaught of projectiles. It almost made me feel like I was playing a bullet hell! Thirdly, there’s a new heavy attack that gives you another layer of combat. It seems simple at first, but does a lot to flesh out the feel of slaying the non-believers. 

The lamb slays enemies in new ways

The increased difficulty of the DLC, makes it seem like an act of self-flagellation to appease The One Who Waits! Stay tuned for more coverage on the DLC as it drops! I for one am excited to get my hands on this DLC when it releases this year!

the teaser image for relics of the old faith


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