PAX East 2023 – Homeseek Preview with 10 minutes of Gameplay

Homeseek is a post-apocalyptic survival strategy game set in a resource-strapped dystopia. After the fallout from the previous world, you’re left to start it back up again from scratch, with only a small group of workers at your disposal. There are many choices ahead, that you alone must decide. With a lack of water & food to salvage, how will you carve out your future in Homeseek?

I was fortunate enough to meet Mike from the development team at Traptics. He gave me time to test the game’s first level, and gave some great tips on how to progress through the game. I don’t have much experience in the genre, so the guidance was hugely appreciated. Mike also allowed me to film, so posted below is the first 11 minutes of my Homeseek journey. Please roast my dumb analysis as Mike hand walks me through the level.

Even though it was a treacherous journey to the mudlands, I knew I was gonna be okay with Mike by my side. And with this game, you have someone at yours as well, cause this game is gonna have multiplayer!! I personally love when a good single-player game can offer the fun & camaraderie when you can play with friends. You can learn more about the ins & outs of the game in the below interview I got with Mike.

Can’t give enough thanks to Mike for taking time to let me play & give some more details in a 1 on 1 interview. He also gifted me a steam key with the full game, so in the near future I’ll be able to give a bigger review to this preview of Homeseek. Homeseek will be releasing soon on steam in the coming months. Make sure to follow them on steam & twitter for updates.


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