DrDisrespect Dropped Some Inspiration On Stream For 2020 and I’m Ready to Run Through the Wall

With 6 days left of the year, DrDisrespect comes in with the best pump up speech of 2019. Everyone has their go-to’s when it comes to getting pumped up. It could be a clip from Rocky, it could be a song by 50 Cent, regardless of what it is, it gets you tingling and ready to accomplish whatever gets in your way. Work load, Grandma – doesn’t matter. I think I’ve just put on 25 lbs of muscle and made $100k by just watching this video.

This minute of gold is up there for me now. It honestly might be a go to. Stop making excuses. Go and get it. Change what doesn’t make you happy. Make 2020 your bitch.

Chris P.

Drinker of booze, writer of blogs, tweeter of tweets, puncher of desks.

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