This Grandma Getting A Switch For Christmas Has My Allergies Acting Up In Both Eyes

The old adage goes, “its better to give than to receive”. And how could you not believe that when you see this grandmother’s reaction to unwrapping (what I assume) was her ideal Christmas gift?
Credit: LADBible’s “GAMINGbible” channel.

Look at this. Grandma barely has the whole gift unwrapped and is just overcome with joy and emotion right away. Straight tear overflow. I’m over here fighting back tears and I don’t even know these people. That’s the power of gaming, folks.

I don’t have the full story here, but I’m going to assume that grandma hasn’t gotten a really nice gift in a while. What do you get your grandparents? Some new pajamas? Slippers? Gift cards? Maybe movie tickets? Nope. Grandma just got the best console in the game right now, and will be slapping her grandkids around in Splatoon 2 before you know it.

‘Tis the season folks. Hope you all had a great Christmas and continue to have an awesome holiday! I’m gonna go cry now.

Papa Dom

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