The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Is Finally Here, and I Absolutely Love It

Illumination, Universal, and Nintendo have done a pretty great job over the last few years keeping leaks about the Mario movie heavily under wraps. Only just this week did we see some leaks (thanks to a McDonald’s promo image that ended up getting posted online prematurely) but on the whole, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been a pretty well-kept secret.

Today, we finally got our first glimpse of what to expect from probably the most highly anticipated (and maybe most important) video game movie release of all time. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your first look at The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Here are my thoughts, in order of them coming to my brain, while watching this trailer:

  • Jack Black is perfect
  • All the characters look great
  • The world(s) look gorgeous
  • The music is on point
  • LUIGI!!!!!!!!!!

And that’s really all I got. Chris Pratt’s Mario voice doesn’t have to be anything really special, it seems like its just him with a hint of “All Of My Italian Uncles”, and that’s perfectly fine! Mario is not a child, and he doesn’t need to sound cartoony, or cartoonishly Italian. I absolutely love the way this movie is shaping up already, and I cannot wait to see more.

I will be shoving children out of the way when The Super Mario Bros. Movie this in April of 2023.

Papa Dom

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