This Dude Shotgunning A Beer With A Scoop of G Fuel Is Someone I Need to Be Friends With

I was bored as fuck today. So I did what any normal person would do, I downloaded a game again that I haven’t played in a while with hopes I’d learn to like it again. Today, that game was Apex Legends. While hanging out in the Discord VC, someone said the name Daltoosh. Which turns out to be a content creator for SoaR, and plays a lot of Apex Legends. Apparently the dude is hilarious and sick at the game.

I wasn’t introduced to him by his gameplay. I was introduced to him via a video of him shotgunning a Mich Ultra with a dollop of G Fuel in the mouth hole. And I have been cracking up for 45 minutes.

The vibes. The passion. The eye contact. It’s all of that. I miss the days of 4Lokos where I would have one and feel like I was seeing through a straw all while having my heart was pumping out of my chest from the caffeine. I think I might have just found my new drink of choice. And if this is my last blog due to said new drink, it’s been real. And I went out enjoying myself.

Electric streamer. Daltoosh. We need to be friends. Now.

Chris P.

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