Dr. Disrespect’s Midnight Society Adds Halo Series Veteran as Studio Art Director

Dr. Disrespect’s studio, Midnight Society, continues to take shape.

Today, it was announced that Darren Bacon – an artist with games like Halo Infinite, Halo 5: Guardians, and Destiny on his resume – is joining Midnight Society as their official Studio Art Director.

In an introductory interview on the Midnight Society’s official website, Darren says he’s been heavily impacted by titles like Halo: Combat Evolved, and that Midnight Society’s Day One Community development style interests him – as he could theoretically “prototype an equipment piece and put it in the hands of players” to get feedback as the game and it’s art style continues to take shape.

Midnight Society is seriously stacking up big names on their roster, and Darren Bacon is no different. Darren will now reunite with fellow Halo series veteran and Midnight Society Co-Founder / Creative Director Quinn DelHoyo, so I’m hoping this means that The Two-Time and his team’s upcoming project will take on a similar gritty, sci-fi aesthetic that Halo and Destiny are known for.

You can see Darren’s art on Instagram and follow him on Twitter here. For more on Midnight Society, you can follow @12am on Twitter or join their discord.

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