Introducing the RedDeadCon Alert System

With all the rumors surrounding an inevitable Red Dead sequel, we here at WickedGoodGaming HQ’s underground hype bunker have developed a readiness scale inspired by our Homeland Security’s DEFCON system. I’ve aptly dubbed this scale “RedDeadCon”, and it features five levels of readiness, determined by me to sum up the appropriate levels of hype as Rockstar continues to tease their newest game.

I provide this service to you, the reader, so that you too can share in the hype and excitement that is currently revolving around Rockstar Games. Currently, the eye of the storm is their Twitter account – which I’ve been stalking like a jungle cat stalks its prey – and I will go back and update my existing Red Dead-related blogs with their corresponding RedDeadCon alertness levels. Below is the RedDeadCon scale, defined:


RedDeadCon 5 (Blue): The lowest state of readiness. Nothing has been teased or mentioned in months.

RedDeadCon 4 (Green): Cryptic hints from Rockstar have prompted increased Twitter and blog watching.

RedDeadCon 3 (Yellow): Rockstar drops an obvious hint, Twitter notifications are turned on.

RedDeadCon 2 (Red): Three consecutive days of hints, possible clip or image teasing an initial trailer.

RedDeadCon 1 (White): A Red Dead trailer has dropped, brace for maximum hype and all-caps Tweets.

Right now, considering the most recent tease, I’m gonna say we’re at a RedDeadCon 3. Rockstar is dropping some obvious hints – so turn your Tweet notifications on for their account and sit by the Batphone – because something has got to come sooner or later. At this point, Rockstar has given us a little breadcrumb each day for the past two mornings. If they follow their own trend tomorrow – we’re probably looking at bumping this up to a RedDeadCon2.

Until the next update, Papa Dom signing out. Stay tuned, and stay hype out there people.

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