Red Dead Sequel Teased By Rockstar?

Today, Rockstar Games tweeted out an image of their logo that appears to be in the same graphical style as their Red Dead franchise, and people are freaking. The fuck. Out. As a matter of fact, their entire profile has been drenched in Red Dead Red, just take a look:


But what does this all mean? And is this actually a teaser for a teaser for a new Red Dead sequel? Well, let’s take a look at the opening credits of Red Dead Redemption and compare the art style:


Yep. Probably.

Rockstar also released the first Red Dead title, Red Dead Revolver, on PS4 a few days ago – so this could be another breadcrumb that’ll lead us to a third title in the franchise. It could just be a coincidence – but hopefully not. As a professional video game journalist blogger, it’s my job to speculate and make wild accusations and unfounded claims that will hopefully lead to the truth. And if it doesn’t, whatever.

**UPDATE** – In accordance with the RedDeadCon Alert System, we’ve elevated the readiness scale from RedDeadCon 5 to RedDeadCon 4.


With all of that said, can the rest of the gaming world stop referring to this rumored sequel as “Red Dead Redemption 2”? Redemption was the sequel to Revolver, so I’m pretty sure that name wouldn’t work. I can’t back this up with any other facts than that, but I’ve got a bachelors degree in a picture frame in my office so don’t argue with me. Because my office is dope. Anyway – can you imagine how INCREDIBLE Rockstar would make this new project’s multiplayer out to be? If it’s anything like Grand Theft Auto Online, I’d be incredibly excited to log on, mask up, and rob trains with my buddies online. Jesus. I think I’d stay glued to my couch forever.

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