RED DEAD UPDATE: @RockstarGames’ Twitter Profile Changes Again!

This Red Dead update is gonna be extremely short and probably should’ve been a Tweet and/or Facebook post, but MOTHER OF GOD THOSE LOOK LIKE COWBOY SILHOUETTES!!!

Oh my dear lord.

Another Red Dead is definitely coming, but until that time, I’ll be hyperventilating watching Rockstar’s Twitter like a fucking HAWK. Stay tuned.


UPDATE #1: If this is a Telltale Games Red Dead game I swear I’ll drive myself straight to the psych ward at Mass General.

UPDATE #2: Once again, I broke news before IGN. Do I plan to take my foot off their neck so they have some room to breathe before this game gets officially announced? Absolutely not. Don’t duck me at PAX East either chumps.

**UPDATE #3** – In accordance with the RedDeadCon Alert System, we’ve elevated the readiness scale from RedDeadCon 5 to RedDeadCon 4.


What’re you hoping most for in this highly anticipated sequel? Let us know on Twitter at @WickedGoodGames.

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