GTA 6 is “Well Underway” and Promises To “Set Creative Bars For Entertainment” According To Publisher

The old adage goes that filmmakers will often create “one for the studio” and then “one for themselves”, meaning a blockbuster hit – and then a passion project. This is a Grand Theft Auto blog, which means this bad boy is all about the clicks baby! Quick, go to our Patreon and give us some cash! I can hear the cash registers already – hit the music!

Anyway, Grand Theft Auto VI (or GTA 6, as the kids call it) is reportedly well underway. According to Take Two Interactive’s financial reporting call earlier this week, the project is coming along just fine – and it seems like everyone under the Take Two roof is incredibly happy with how it’s coming out so far. Here’s what CEO Strauss Zelnick had to say about the game:

With development of the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series well underway, the Rockstar Games team is determined to once again set creative benchmarks for the series, our industry, and for all entertainment, just as the label has done with every one of their frontline releases.

GTA 6 will set creative bars ‘for all entertainment,’ declares publisher (PCGamer)

So, yeah, this is mostly just corporate puff talk, and obviously Take Two wants to assure its investors and stakeholders that the company is going to make a metric fuckload of cash on the rabidly anticipated next installment in the storied franchise. Rockstar knows what it’s doing, and they’re one of only a few developers that never seem to succumb to market or investor pressure to release a rushed and unfinished product. Sure, it’s been literally almost a decade since GTA V was released, what’s a few more months… Or years?

We still know precious little about Grand Theft Auto VI, and the rumors swirling about the game have done absolutely nothing to help us get a grip on where the game might be set, who we’re playing as, and what new features to expect. Depending on where you get your info from, the game will be set in a city based on Shanghai, Boston, Miami, or a combination of locales. We’re playing as one protagonist, three protagonists, or literally anyone we want. We’re going to have native roleplay tools and features, or maybe we won’t. Literally nothing is set in stone about GTA IV, and I kinda like it that way.

One way or the other, we’ll find out soon enough when GTA 6 will actually be heading to physical and digital shelves. All I know is, I can’t wait to play GTA VII with my grandkids.

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