Halo Is Back: HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh Ushers In New Era for Halo Esports, Doubles All-Time Viewership Record

After an absolutely electrifying weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina – the dust has finally settled on the HCS Kickoff Major.

200+ teams duked it out over the weekend for HCS points and a share of a massive $250,000 prize pool, and Esports Engine’s inaugural major event for this new era of HCS had something for everyone.




Regardless of who you tuned in to see, 343 and Esports Engine made sure every single moment was action packed. And even when crashes happened (and boy, did they happen), we had the privilege of listening to some impeccable on-the-fly analysis from some of the best commentary talent in the world right now – from Goldenboy himself, to Lottie, Walshy, and even a surprise guest appearance from Puckett which sent the Twitch chat into an absolute frenzy.

Tashi from 343 confirmed that HCS Raleigh became the biggest and most-viewed Halo esports event of all time on DAY ONE, and the records just kept growing. Tashi stopped counting around 260,000 concurrent viewers, but I’m sure we’ll get a final count from Microsoft soon. This most likely DOUBLES the previous all-time viewership record for Halo esports.

Regardless of which team you were pulling for, how much you were able to watch, or how invested you are in general for Halo esports, there’s absolutely no denying that not only is Halo back, but it’s here to stay. 343 and Esports Engine have just set the bar for the next year for arena shooter esports, and have thrown down the gauntlet to see what the CDL is made of next year.

See you in Anaheim, folks.

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