Head Into The Weekend With Complexity Limit’s Back To Back Raid World First Celly

I fucking love Complexity-Limit.

At first glance, you wouldn’t even think that this group of guys is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) World of Warcraft guilds in history. Their banter is hysterical, they seem to genuinely love playing with each other, and they celly just as hard as any pro team in any sport.

Skip to the 11:00 mark below to hear exactly what I’m talking about.

You love to see this. Couple guys just absolutely screaming the paneling off the walls. Maevey (one of Limit’s healers, dude in the blue hoodie on the left side of your screen) has a scream that is about to make me run through every god damn wall in my house.

Limit has officially defended their previous Raid World First title earned back in February 2019, where they downed N’zoth in the Ny’alotha raid in 274 attempts – becoming the first NA guild to win a Race to World First in TEN YEARS.

Even more impressive is how Limit is now two for two as Raid World First champions since coming under the Complexity banner in October of 2019. Just pros doing pro things. Have a great weekend everyone.

Bonus additional footage of Limit just being the absolute fucking best (from the prior RWF run) right here:

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