Say Goodbye To Your Loved Ones, Animal Crossing Is Finally Coming To Smartphones

If you’re one of those people who fondly remembers the days of being in debt to a small mob-like raccoon and misses the days of being yelled at by a disgruntled mole whenever you shut your game off without saving – fret not – coming to iOS and Android in late November is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the newest entry into Nintendo’s nauseatingly charming debt-simulator.

The graphics, sounds, and characters all look just like every other game in the Animal Crossing series, and based on the video above you’ll definitely be able to customize your home with exotic pieces of furniture rewarded to you by your asshole neighbors who (for whatever reason) can’t get their lives together. This Animal Crossing’s got a bit of a twist, though. This time you’re a camp counselor! You’re building up a camp of your own, and it looks like you’ll be able to craft furniture from materials found in the game world. Instead of a full house, you’ll have an RV which I’m sure you’ll inevitably be able to upgrade into something bigger and better as the game progresses.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is absolutely gonna MURDER on the App Store. It’s a natural fit for a mobile game, and will surely capitalize on Nintendo’s effort to make their games more “social”. The last two mobile Animal Crossing Games for Nintendo DS and 3DS sold a combined 11 million copies worldwide, so you can expect Pocket Camp to make a mint. No word yet on how heavily AC:PC will lean on micro transactions, but you can bet your digital dollar that there will be some sort of incentive to dump your real-life Bells into Nintendo’s newest mobile offering one way or another.

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